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Superwind 350  made in Germany

The Superwind 350 is a small wind generator for professional use, which even under extreme conditions works autonomously and automaticly. It is often used on sites where there is no grid available. The electric power generated by Superwind charges batteries and can be used directly for 12V- or 24 V-appliances. There are many industrial appliances on these voltage levels like measurement systems, transmitters or navigational aids. But there are also quite a number of high-quality energy-saving appliances available, such as energy saving lamps, refrigerators, deep-freezers, water pumps, ventilators, consumer electronics, TV, radio and navigation equipment, etc. Appliances for 230 V or 110 V can be supplied by an optional inverter.

Windgenerator Superwind

Ideal fields of application for example are navigational aids, traffic control systems, environmental monitoring stations or transmitters, but also sailing yachts, campers, summer cottages and mountain shelters. Concerning the rural electrification in remote areas of developing countries, Superwind generators provide electric power for whole families.

The combination with solar arrays is without problems. At many places, energy supplies from sun and wind complement each other. That is why Superwind generators are used in wind/solar hybrid systems to ensure the availability of power (at minimized battery capacity).

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(958 KB)

Stop-Switch Mounting

(18 KB)

Umrechnungstabelle Windgeschwindigkeit Beaufort / Knoten / km/h / m/s


(947 KB)



In the past small wind generators were used rarely for professional applications, since they generally did not have effective safety systems and since they were not reliable enough for automatic and unattended operation.

Superwind generators define the new standard for micro wind turbine technology. They fulfill highest professional requirements and can be operated completely unsupervised even under extreme climatic conditions.

Due to their sophisticated technological concept and their aerodynamic rotor control system superwind generators guarantee maximum reliability and durability and are second to none when it comes to reliable power supply.



Rotorblatt-Verstellmechanismus in der Nabe des SuperwindRotor
The basic innovation of superwind is its novel aerodynamic rotor control system. Similarly to large wind turbines it adjusts the pitch angle of the rotor blades. The mechanical controller is fully integrated into the hub and works without expensive electrical or hydraulic components. Instead, the controller is actuated by forces arising at operation of the wind turbine itself. The forces are effected by the geometric and kinematic lay-out of the rotor and controller mechanism.

The control system responds very quickly, and precisely controls the power produced and the rotor speed. The customer benefits are:

Outstanding reliability under all operation conditions
Fail-safe: even at electric system brakedown no dangerous rotor overspeed.
Low loads for high durability.
Automatic and unattended operation (with charge regulator)
Minimum noise emission since the rotor blades are feathering to leeward and and noisy stall effects are excluded.
The rotor blades were developed using modern computerized calculation and simulation methods. The airfoils had been wind tunnel tested and were specifically developed for a small size wind turbine.

The generator is a brushless synchronous generator with permanent magnet excitation. The three-phase alternating current is rectified by an internal rectifier. The generator is especially adapted to the aerodynamic power characteristics of the rotor. High-grade Neodymium magnets are used for optimum efficiency. All electrical components are properly dimensioned for high surge currents, low thermal loads and high durability. The aluminium generator housing provides perfect heat dissipation. The generator shaft bearings are stainless steel bearings, lifetime lubricated and sealed against humidity and dust by low friction seals.


Yawing is effected by a wind vane and yaw bearings. The yawing system is designed for operation even on turbulent sites and also works perfectly on yachts, no matter whether reaching or sailing downwind. For power transmission between the fixed and the pivoting part, the wind generator is equipped with sliprings and carbon brushes.



Superwind generators are entirely made of high grade and corrosion-proof materials. All mechanical components are integrated into sealed housings and are effectively protected against dust, salt and humidity. The housings and the wind vane are made of sea water-proof aluminium alloy with additional powder coating. All steel parts like shafts, axles, bearings, bolts and nuts are made of stainless chromium steel. The rotorblades are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics.



Stromversorgung einer Messboje in der Nordsee
Stromversorgung eines Radiosenders in Argentinien
Segelyacht im Pacific mit 2 Superwind 350
Segelyacht TARA mit 2 Superwind 350
Segelyacht TARA mit 2 Superwind 350




Charge Controller SCR

Anschlussbild laderegler CRM


Charge Regulator SCR Marine

The SCR Marine charge regulator has been especially designed for the Superwind 350 wind generator and guarantees optimum charging of the batteries. The secondary function of the SCR Marine is to electronically keep the wind generator under load. When the batteries have reached their maximum charging voltage, the SCR Marine´s PWM circuit automatically diverts the wind turbine´s surplus power to the dump resistors. Thus with batteries even fully charged, the wind turbine continues operating and provides useable power as soon as electric consumers are switched on. This state of charge is indicated by a LED.
The SCR Marine is suitable for lead acid batteries, gel batteries and AGM batteries (AGM = Absorbed Glass Mat) and has temperature compensated charging characteristics. For special applications, the maximum charging voltage can be adjusted to customer requirements.
The charge regulator SCR Marine is completely sealed and effectively protectet against the marine environment.
It has two separate outputs, which can be used to charge two battery sets separately (eg. starter battery and service battery on a yacht).

Important: An advantage of the CRM is that it only regulates the voltage of the wind turbine. It is not influenced by (and does not influence) other power sources connected to the battery like alternators, gensets etc.


Deatails charge regulator SCR

CRM 12 V
CRM 24 V
12 V
24 V
max charge voltage
14,2 V
28,4 V
Ladeschluss-Spannung Einstellbereich:
11,5 .... 17,0 VDC
23,0 .... 30,5 VDC
max. output current
40 Ampére
20 Ampére
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 PDF Download
SCR 12 Mounting Guidelines
88 KB
SCR 24Mounting Guidelines
88 KB



The stop switch is used to shut down the wind generator if it is not to be operated or to prevent starting of the rotor when working on it. Wiring the stop switch is not obligatory if a charge regulator has been installed.

When using the Superwind on a boat or a sailing yacht, the stop switch is strongly recommended to shut the wind turbine down in heavy weather at sea. Spray and waves, parts detached from the rigg or from the sails etc. could touch the rotor. Furthermore in such situations the restricted mobility on board increases the risk of accidentially touching the running rotor.

If the system is operated without charge regulator, a stop switch is necessary. In this case charging must be continuously supervised by the operator and terminated when the battery is fully charged. The stop switch disconnects the Superwind from the battery and simultaneously shuts down the rotor. The stop switch must be installed in the line between the wind generator and the battery as close to the wind generator as possible. In this line between wind generator and stop switch fuses or circuit breakers must not be installed.


 PDF Download
Stop-Switch Mounting Guidelines
82 KB

The stop switch has two positions:

RUN: The positive line from the generator is connected to the battery.
The negattive line from the generator is connected to the battery.

STOP: The positive line and the negative line from the wind generator are short-circuited.
(generator short circuit brakes the rotor)
The positive and the negative lines from the battery are both open and disconnected from the wind generator.

The stop switch is designed for indoor panel mounting. For easy adaption to panels of up to 22 mm thickness, the shaft is adjustable.

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